The future is bright - stay tuned!
From Afropolitan to Doowopolitan? (and anywhere & everywhere in between?)
Despite all the bad news out there, it's actually an amazing time to be alive... at least for those who dream of a brighter future?
Silver, Gold, and Middle-Class Families Having Fun?
What's the connection between silver, gold, and middle class families having the opportunity to pursue their dreams? (and having a little fun while they do it?) Plenty, it turns out.
Artemis launch inspiring a new generation to “shoot for the moon”?
The last manned moon mission took place in 1972. Just like in Doowopolis, it seems so many really cool things came to a screeching halt in the early 1970s. We can't help but wonder if it's time to go back and pick up where we left off? The launch of Artemis I might be the perfect place to start...
The future belongs to those who create it?
A future where everyone has the opportunity to be both creator and stakeholder? Sounds bright! Brooke Hopper of Adobe writes about the metaverse and the future of creativity... (and it has us thinking about the future of Doowopolis...)
Who built that? (or, have we already seen the zombie apocalypse?)
What happens when the music stops? The zombies come out to play... and while they might look good on Halloween, do you really want them building your future? Whose future is it anyway? And who's enabling the zombies to set the Tempo?
Time to Build?
Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz seemed to think so... Had we forgotten how to build? Had we lost our ability (and perhaps our desire?) to get big things done, to execute large-scale, far-reaching, high-impact plans & ideas for the benefit of all? Somehow, it seemed, we could no longer dream big, embrace change, look to the future, and get busy building it, the way previous generations were once able to do...
Inflation running hot? We did start this fire. And now we’re trying to fight it…
During these crazy times we're living in, it's hard not to think back to Billy Joel's 1989 hit song "We Didn't Start the Fire"... What would Billy have thought if he had wrote this song in 2022 instead of 1989? Well, there's a fire that started back in the early 2000s, and then with lots of extra gas poured on after the 2008 financial crisis... and here we are in 2022, trying to fight it...
He who has the (money printer?) makes the rules? Whose American Dream is it anyway?
It all changed in 1971, when the American gold standard ended and dollars were no longer convertible to gold. What happened after that? Well, that's where the "magic money machine" comes into play. And its ramifications for American society & culture (and for Doowopolis) have been profound - especially ever since the 20th century turned into the 21st...
Short-Termism Is Hurting Companies And Costing Lives (and costing communities their culture?)
It's a common theme we talk about here in Doowopolis - the idea that "short-termism" (or the belief that our best days are probably behind us, so might as well just borrow today whatever's left from a darker tomorrow, and take the money and run - hoping tomorrow never gets here) has seemingly taken over "long-termism"...
The future of “work” in a world that’s working to build a better future?
If Doowopolis was, is, and will be in the future a place built on "hard work and big dreams", it's worth asking - what is the future of both? After all, you can't have one without the other, right? Enter a metaverse with "old fashioned" values?
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